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Scania offers employees an exciting future, with the opportunity to work together to develop more sustainable transport solutions across the planet.

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Meet Scania in Kungsträdgården 28th of May 11.00-19.00

Now its time to explore Scania and meet your future colleagues in Kungsträdgården. Explore and learn how Scania work with developing services in the connected vehicle and use AI to build next generation sustainable transport solutions.

Also you can compete to to test drive a Scania truck!

Meet Scania at Kungsträdgården next Monday the 28th of May

Meet Scania and explore how Scania use AI, Machine Learning and more exciting technologies to power next generation sustainable transport solutions. Its a great opportunity to talk to leading developers at Scania and get understanding on how it is to work at Scania within IT and developing. Also you have the chance to compete and win a test drive with a massive Scania truck..:)

We work with manufacturing to power transportation

IT development at Scania is all about creating digital services and solutions that our drivers and customers can benefit from every single day. That's why Scania offers a unique workplace for everyone within IT since we work closely with manufacturing to understand how the digital services can be used in real life.

We want to achieve a sustainable transportation system

Sustainable transportation is shaping world-class logistics flows to address the challenges posed by expanding cities and increased transportation requirements. Self-driving buses for use in the public transport sector, electric roads, new passenger car concepts, night-time goods transportation, these are just a few examples of the concepts to be further developed within Scania.

We don´t have all the answers, but we have fun getting there

Being part of Scania's IT/Tech department is all about entrepreneurship and ownership of customer processes from idea to launch. There is a great reason why many people stay with us at Scania. We offer a unique combination of work-life balance and challenging opportunities that will help you grow profesionally as well as personally. So why not join us today?

The Scania ambassadors

We are all people from different tech industries coming together as ambassadors for Scania since we believe that Scania has an interesting journey ahead based on what they already offer today. We all LOVE technology and we truly believe that, if you, as a Tech talent, are looking to work in a place where you can be challenged every day and make sustainable digital solutions at global scale, then you should move your attention to Scania.

There are many reasons why people enjoy working at Scania. Chat with Scania today and find out for yourself! 🙂

Anna Råström

Digital marketing & Growth Hacker

I have many years of experience working with Tech companies and how experienced the passion from IT people at Scania and truly understand why so many enjoy working at the forefront of the transportation industry. The Scania One platform and the Market place that will open up for developers to build their own solutions on top of what Scania offers today is something exciting

Arzu Umut

E-commerce manager & Digital specialist

My view is that the next generation workforce at global companies such as Scania, need to understand the digital ecosystem and how services can be developed and launched in new ways. The future customer of Scania will look different and will interact in new digital ways with Scania cross numerous touch points. Digital first , is for me the leading way forward

Emma af Robson

Co Founder at Warpin

As founder of a tech leading company within VR and AR. Its my mission to help brands realise how they can utilize the new world of data at digital scale. I am impressed about how Scania with their Scania One platform can connect over 250M vehicles and develop so many releases every year cross all their footprint and always have customer focus cross the entire development process from idea to launch.

Erik Börjesson

Consultant Manager at Capgemini

I love to drive Retail Excellence, and at the same time challenge myself to grow as a person, as an Enterprise Architect and as a Manager focused at how companies can bring value from IT. What I love about Scania is the unique combination of digital solutions being developed with manufacturing and that you see the value taking place in real life.

Karin Kaellman

Strategy Consultant & Tech Entrepreneur

I’ve worked in tech for over 10 years - as a strategist for Fortune 500 tech corporations as well as a founder of three tech start-ups. It really excites me when really big companies, such as Scania, strive to combine these two worlds by emphasizing the importance of internal entrepreneurship and start-up mentality, to stay ahead of the game

Mai-Li Hammargren

Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur

Building startups is an art and a science and many large corporations always struggle with embedding entrepreneurship in to their daily business. Scania is one example where thats not the case and I have come to learn during my work as ambassador for Scania how they stimulate employees to develop own ideas that can bring value to customers and society.

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